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An array of hot and iced traditional espresso coffee drinks including our exclusive Stronghold Coffee Company Nitro Cold Brew and our famous sweet and spicy chai tea; a creative day-drinking cocktail menu as well as smoothies, regular and “Hard” locally made Kombucha and a large selection of locally imported quality loose teas.

We encourage you to slow down, sit back, sip, relax,

and connect with your fellow humans.

Locally owned and operated, Stronghold Coffee Company strives to provide delicious,
high quality food and beverages in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. 

Come visit us!

2 South Beaver Street, Suite 170
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
(Entrance on Phoenix Ave.)
Open Saturday & Sunday, 7am-2pm*
*Hours subject to change

(928) 214-7280

You'll love our warm, casual environment.​

Who are we?

We’re long time Flagstaffians who are passionate about people, coffee, and community. We’ve blended them together to create a unique atmosphere for both locals and visitors alike. Stronghold Coffee Company  was founded by long-time coffee lovers, Peter, Amy & Lynda – who share a passion for responsibly sourced quality coffee, food and time with others.

This is where you thrive.

Come enjoy custom roasted small batch coffee procured specifically with our global community in mind. Our mission is to be responsible consumers of this important global commodity. We offer food prepared from scratch every day, creative signature drinks, and unique “day-cocktails” to further enhance your stay with us. Come chat with our friendly, knowledgeable baristas, take advantage of our dog friendly patio, or just sit back and relax as you enjoy our welcoming space, great breakfasts, and tasty treats.


House-made buttermilk biscuit breakfast sandwiches; breakfast burritos (choice of house-roasted veggies, bacon, or sausage), in a locally-made tortilla or bowl, complimented by our homemade roasted tomato salsa and pico de gallo; daily selection of quiche and frittatas; house-baked pastries, cookies, muffins, and bars... including our famous ‘pop’ tarts, cinnamon buns, capazanos, biscotti and overnight oats.

Our space is available for special events, both during and after business hours. To learn more, fill out the contact form below...

Did you know?

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While our little coffee shop is a local business, coffee is not.


Coffee is a global commodity and with its consumption comes responsibility to our global community. Stronghold Coffee Company takes that responsibility seriously. We concentrate on relationship and sustainability. Our house single origin and blends are grown, harvested, washed, imported, and roasted under only the strictest standards that assure not only the quality of the coffee in your cup, but the quality of life for our planet, farmers and their families, and so on up the chain. If our beans say “organic, fair trade, direct trade - they are certified so, all the way to the shop, from grower, to importer, to roaster. So sit back and enjoy, not only is it delicious, you are supporting and nurturing a healthy planet and healthy global supply chain.

Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and Direct Trade, our roaster has gone to the source to assure these are meticulously  cultivated coffees grown by farmers that work tirelessly to achieve the high standards all of these certification bare. A combination of Ethiopian and Columbian coffees, enjoy a uniquely rich texture, bursting floral aromas, and a milk chocolate finish. Mother Nature, you done good.

Stronghold Espresso Blend

Served at the base of the highest point in AZ, harkened from the islands of the Pacific, Central, and South America our flagship roast is full bodied with hints of hazelnut and chocolate.

Stronghold Dark Single Harvest

Our certified Organic, Fair Trade blend is curated exclusively from single harvest beans from Africa, Central and South America. These certifications are not easily attained, and we are crazy proud to support farmers who have set the bar for quality. You’ll experience intense flavors of roast and cocoa, while simultaneously helping these farmers bring home the bacon…and the coffee.

Stronghold Medium Single Harvest Blend

Cur medium light single origin Estate Relationship bean is sourced from the Chacon Estate in Central Valley of Costa Rica. This bean is special, grown by special people. Because Costa Rica is well known for good coffee, husband and wife team, Oscar and Francisco, needed to define a niche that would set their coffee apart. And they have done just that. Utilizing the honey process, their coffee is uniquely sweet and buttery, like a sugar cookie in coffee form.

Stronghold Costa Rica

Check out our daily pastry case for in-house homemade muffins, scones, pop tarts, cookies, crumbles, and more.